Do The Geneva Conventions apply to Parenting Teens?

Of course I am joking. Unless you live with a teenage girl.

Here in the Beck household, we have instituted a rule that may just send us to Gitmo. No Facebook on school nights.

Sixteen-year-old: “Like, you have GOT to be kidding! I mean, how am I supposed to get answers to questions if I can’t even talk to people in my class?”

Mother Dearest: “Call them on the phone if you need an answer.”

Sixteen-year-old: “No one talks on the phone! You can NOT do this to me! It ought to be against the Geneva conventions!”  March march march up the stairs …

I doubt I am the first person to be accused of war crimes by their teens. Surely this happens to you. There are some apparent disadvantages to teaching your children social justice principles and having regular rants about human rights. Just like conservative and liberal talk radio celebs, they use them against you.

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