13 do’s & don’ts of building close relationships

Do – listen closely to what I have to say, especially if it is personal

Don’t – tell me what to do

Do – trust me to have the strength and wisdom I need to find my own answers

Don’t – secretly fear my failure if I don’t do what you suggest

Do – pray for me to be well and happy

Don’t – pray for me to think like you

Do – ask me if you can offer advice before you do

Don’t – tell me what I am doing wrong in my life unless you  – and others  – see a train wreck coming

Do – forgive me when I mess up and help me keep my humor about my closest relationships

Don’t – criticize my loved ones even if I do

Do – laugh often and try not to take yourself or your way of living too seriously. You’ll probably change your mind tomorrow

Don’t forget that we are in a mutual relationship; you are no better or worse, wiser or more stupid. We both have something unique and special to offer each other. So let’s do that!

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