Traverse Pie — oh my!

My sister said one time, “I could start a 12 step group for pie.” I think my entire family of origin would join. Wouldn’t you?

This week I had the most fabulous pie that I have to share it with you.

It was at Grand Traverse Pie Company in Traverse City, Michigan. It may be a bit of a drive for you, but truly, if you are a pie lover like me, plan a road trip. I had the pie of the month, a cherry crumb pie that may be the best cherry pie I have ever had. And, I have had a few. For my Birthdays growing up, I had Birthday pie.

It had the just right amount of sweet and tart with a lovely crust. One of the signs of a very good pie is the crust, of course. It was flaky and was not too thick – perfectly salty, and a little sweet. And, there was no coating on my mouth from the crust which left me to wonder if they used shortening or butter or some precious new fat I was going to love.

And the cherries! Oh, they were incredibly fresh, soft and pretty much perfect. It was served warmed with whipped cream. I was fantasizing about vanilla ice cream, but they suggested it with whipped cream – and they were right!

Traverse City is a great vacation spot in the summer, so pack your bikini, your sunscreen and head on up to Lake Michigan. You will love it.

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