Awhh … baby skunks!

It’s true. They were playing in the back yard just now. Two little skunklets wrestling around like kittens with large fanning tails. I wish it was light enough for me to get a picture, but it was mostly dark and I didn’t want to surprise them with a flash. They were likely to young too spray, but I didn’t want to risk it.

I have had a few experiences with skunks. We had them on the farm. The dog(s) always thought they were so cute, just like we did. (If you’d like to meet the 13 farm dogs we had, check out 13 Dogs and a Lawn Chair)

I remember the time one of our dogs was snooping around some bushes and scared up a skunk. They are actually pretty patient with dogs, sort of like a tolerant cat. But, if their curiosity gets the best of them, which likely it will, your animal will come home smelling really badly!

Keep him/her outside. Whatever it takes.

We used to think that the best way to get the smell out was to wash them in tomato juice. Of course that assumes you have a few gallons of the delicious stuff in your cupboard. I remember my mom chasing one of our dogs around the yard wearing yellow gloves with a gallon can of tomato juice. Come to find out, it really only makes your dog red.

Poor mom. She was really more of a city kid. How she ended up on a 1500 acre farm, chasing skunked dogs and driving truck, she mused about until her death. When she married my dad, he had no intentions of working full time on a farm. He was raised on a farm and frankly, from what I have heard, my grandfather was not a particularly patient man to work with or for. He was 6’7″ with hands the size of large cabbages. I don’t think you’d want to mess with him.

He tried to give it a go as a school teacher, which he enjoyed, but it was impossible to raise 4 children on a school teacher’s salary, so when my grandfather retired, he took the farm.

Enter skunks. And porcupines. And “controlled burning.” And long winters with a week snowed in. And being a “harvest widow.” And 1/2 acre gardens.

And the cutest baby skunks ever.

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