Born again … again?

I had a very vivid dream early this morning. I was a fugitive and had to escape my pursuers by squeezing through some very small passages – sort of like being forced through a long laundry shoot into a different world. Fortunately, I had the wisdom and encouragement of my own humble superhero who went before me.

The interesting factor was that besides the fear I had for myself, I was really concerned about my guitar. In order to escape to the next level, I had to first push my guitar in it’s hard case through a laundry-shoot type opening. I would then follow immediately behind it, trying to protect the guitar. After I arrived at my destination, I felt safe for a time with my guitar and super-hero guide doing fine and not too far away.

After about 4 of these passages, and performing some very impressive feats, including scaling around a spinning office building globe suspended in the air about a mile over the city, I awoke from my dream.

I don’t know how much stock to put into dreams, but sometimes they can be a good teacher. Like my friend who had a dream that her mom broke her arm with a lamp when she suggested it was time to go into assisted living. THAT dream was telling her something important. And not very subtly.

As far as my dream goes, it seems a bit obvious that it has something to say about my music. It is little surprise to any of you who read this regularly, that music has been a central coping piece of my emotional and spiritual journeys for nearly EVER. My guitars have been companions. Writing lyrics has been empowering and shows me what I believe and think and hope for. The dream makes me wonder if my music and I are on the edge of a change. Or at the least that I am hoping for this.

Maybe I need to be “born again.”

Or maybe I need to be “born again … again.” Goddess knows I’ve been through many birthing processes over the years. It’s not like it would be only the 2nd time.

I don’t know. Lately most of my life energy has been flat. I just want some fire in my belly again and I am not sure how to get there. The dream is at least a comfort that, as Monty Python so famously put it, “I’m not dead yet!” 

I am listening. If any of you want to interpret the dream, go for it.

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One Response to Born again … again?

  1. People with powerful messages to share can be hated by ‘the world’ for a while. The very best thing to do is to be with like-minded others (which I’m sure you do) for support. But, like everyone with a message, we have to become our own super-heroes who can stand with what we know, no matter the threat. Isn’t life interesting?

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