Grand Pariii (s)

France has been on my mind.

I think it is mostly because I have been practicing a song I wrote about Paris. It was hatched while we were in France last February. It was especially fun to write because it ended up comparing  love to art. It’s the kind of sweet song I probably do some of my best work on because underneath this politically savvy, sharp dresser ( :-P) , I’m really a big pile of jello when it comes to tender things.

Ahhh…. (say it with me) Grand Pareeeeeee! It feels good rolling off the tongue. The song is going to sound FABULOUS with a new double bass player I am beginning to play with.  (Check out his website if you want to hear some amazing jazz bass work.) The only thing missing will be an accordion.

Just to give you a wee flavor of my experience of Paris, here is an except from the blog I kept while we were there.

You know you’re in Paris when:

  • there are 3 small hand-made chocolate shops within a block
  • even the poorest can afford artisan bread
  • dishwasher? Don’t you have hands?
  • you look for your family member, the one with the black coat and scarf – and your realize this is what everyone wears
  • manpurses are sassy and scarves are genderless
  • wine is served in the cheese shops at 9 am and there is a line
  • you have a luxurious heated towel rack for your towels and no clothes dryer
  • a “small coffee” is actually small
  •  gargoyles are a daily part of your life
  • people always wear nice shoes or boots
  • decent wine is affordable
  • the cheapest hot chocolate and coffee is better than the some of the best in the U.S.

Paris IS an amazing city. Perhaps I will get a recording on here sometime soon. (If you want to hear it, I will be playing at Luther’s Table in Renton Nov. 4 and Nov 5 at The Couth Buzzard in Seattle Here is my lyrical tribute to it.


You are a masterpiece

I could memorize you from every angle

And paint you on canvas and hang you in the Louvre

You would travel the globe from Singpore to Rome

Right beside Picasso’s Pretty Flowers

And I would become the new  ~  and happier Van Gogh


Mona Lisa couldn’t hold a candle to your smile

Compared to you, Rodin’s thinker is no longer wise

All the water lilies that Monet ever brushed

Cannot compare to your sweet touch

Everything is art when we’re together


I could paint like the Masters and master the accordion

Just on the beauty we’ve discovered

It is like we’re Degas dancers in Vincent’s Starry Night

It doesn’t make sense, but it feels just right


It is magic here. February in the City of Lights

The coffee is hot and the gargoyles look lonely in the long winter nights

Let’s save our pennies and move to Paris (Paree)

Sit at LeDeux Magot, get fat at the patisserie

And fall in love again just like we did last February

(copright 2011 Shannon Beck)

Kiss Kiss Hug Hug ~ Til next time ~

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