Top 2011 blog posts

In case you missed them, here are several favorite blog posts of the year cutely categorized for your reading pleasure. Find one you haven’t read yet and give it a go. Comments always welcomed!

Most commented on and most shared (they were the same):  Cocktails at the White House  – and a prayer at your death. This was written the day after Osama Bin Ladin was assassinated.

Honorable mention (because Cocktails received 2 awards)    Love Wins – a poem

Most memorable AH HA! moment: Be sure and drink the kool-aid

Top Social Justice post: Widen your heart: On changing a church’s mind – this is a post on the movement from exclusion to inclusion in regard to the GLBTQ community and Presbyterians.

Best Advice: Become an Imperfectionist – self explanatory, no?

Best News of the year: You Are Enough 

Best Humor: 13 Dogs and a Lawn Chair – 

Best Women’s Spirituality Reflection: A Yurt, a Chrone, and a Chocolate Merlot 

Best Musician Advice:  Unsolicited advice from a musician: Should you stay or should you go? 

If you have a favorite if it is here or elsewhere, let me know! Thanks for being part of this. It is good to develop your creative life.

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