fresh laundry

i wish i could gather you up

like a pile of laundry

hot from the dryer

and enjoy the feel of you

against me

there would be no hurry

no one would know

i’d act perfectly


why, it’s the most normal act in the world

gathering laundry from the dryer

carrying it across the room

and folding it

maybe I would linger a little

or even sit down

while it warmed my lap for a while

smelling clean and reborn

i wouldn’t appear too happy


i wouldn’t…

just sitting quietly

embraced by a few socks and

a swarm of warm t-shirts

fresh laundry

seems to know

how to give more comfort

than you

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One Response to fresh laundry

  1. jaytrock says:

    Ouch! beautiful poem, Shannon! On the way to becoming a song? Jay

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