Fire in your belly or a “Living Winter”

As the days wane here in the north, I am considering how to “make it through” the dark days that are coming.

Fall is often an intense lyric-writing season for me. Words seems to pour out of me either when I am engaged with the “fire in my belly”, when I experience the beauty of the world, or when I am forcibly slowed down, as in autumn. Frankly, I prefer the first two.

So here we are, autumn and me. And I have had a prolific writing season through the summer so I keep thinking it’s all going to end. It always does eventually. The cares of every day, health, or laziness settle into my bones.

So I am beginning this winter asking myself: what gives me fire in my belly? What ignites me? What will keep that fire burning through the seasons? I want to make this a different winter: a living winter.

So, I am beginning November with a trip to the East Coast. I am REALLY looking forward to this! I will be in New York City (where I have never been), Philadelphia, and possibly Washington DC with a side trip into Virginia. The goal: to be stimulated by spending time with similarly-minded peace & justice faith people, to be vulnerable in sharing my music,  and to discover some new things. In a nutshell: to stoke that fire in my belly.

What keeps the fire burning in your belly? And I am not talking sexual attraction here, people. That is way too easy to fall back on. I am talking something deeper and more sustaining.

We should live our lives with these things before us. They can be the spark we need as winter inevitably comes. Fortunately, we don’t need a forest fire to help us have a “living winter”

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1 Response to Fire in your belly or a “Living Winter”

  1. myuzickman says:

    For me, it’s the beauty of the ever changing weather and seasons. Being from Kansas, I know that the weather can change at a moments’ notice.

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