Push Back the Darkness


THIS is what I’ve been trying to communicate with the visionary part of my life. It’s just the lyric – there is music that goes with it. I think it might become the title track to my next CD. Let me know how it feels to you! Is this what you are feeling called to? It’s called, Push Back the Darkness



You gotta push back the darkness
To reveal a brighter day
Do every little thing you can to let your love shine through
Turn on the spotlight, pitch a candle in your soul
Come on out and together and we can watch the fire grow
Til we push back the darkness
I met a man with faces tattooed on his head
He said, I killed children in the war and thought I’d be better off dead
Now every evening when I go to sleep, I can tuck them into bed
And every morning I live the lives they might have lived instead
You gotta…
Cherry  is an artist just making her daily bread
She works so hard each moment she can barely look ahead
She says Jesus is her family, and he pulled her from the edge
And every day she paints her world and chooses hope instead
You gotta …
They are courage, so determined and wise
Their strength astounds us when we listen to their lives
They are not stories; they are companions on the road
Each one is luminous even standing on their own
Rico lives in the homeless shelter down on Denny Way
He lost everything from choices he made
Now he’s in recovery and he’s working 9-5
And he volunteers on Sundays to share a little light
You gotta…

This is a living room recording just after writing it — late at night, simple, and you can see me focused on the lyric. 🙂 Find a few smiles at the end!

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2 Responses to Push Back the Darkness

  1. Wow! I love this song. All of it, the guitar work (your picking is incredible) and the story this song tells, and your beautiful voice. I admit I wipe tears (I’m a sensitive soul) yet this is a song I would play over and over again, so I vote YES! It would make a wonderful title track. Thank you so much for sharing it here, so even before I purchase it once it comes out, I can enjoy it here through YouTube. I’m so glad our paths have crossed in the blogging world. May I share this in an upcoming post on my blog, of course linking back to this post, and your blog? This song really moves me, and is like an anthem to world peace in my heart. May every blessing be yours.
    Love, Light and Gratitude to you,

    • shannonbeck2 says:

      Gina, thank you so much for your kind words! And yes, please share widely. You can link to my site, too. ShannonBeck.com — so grateful for you and your good work! peace, peace-

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