10:46 New Year’s Eve

slices of snow, icicle swords,

a puddle cracks under my boot

shaking their curls, a quail family scatters

2 snow angels fall from the sky

It is 10:46, New Year’s Eve

and I am pregnant with unanswered prayers.

Sunrise Through Icicles

But I have something to tell you,

a secret to share

if you want it this wintery night …

I fell in love this year


with a red-lipped mesa in the west

I threw myself at her late one night when the stars climbed into my pocket.

I told her, “I’m just out looking for Jesus

but she broke my heart with her honesty


My love for people and God and the world

Runs down my body and soaks me  sometimes

til it all feels so vast and so gorgeous

I think my heart will burst

with even one tiny spark more

which it does and I fall into the sun


at the smell of juniper, the cold night sky,

and the joy of being alive

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