The path of peace: a broken heart

Those who want to be instigators of healing and hope will eventually learn they must live much of their lives with a broken heart
And who wants to live with a broken heart, you may ask
Not many
Perhaps that is why there are so few who will sign up for the work of healing, justice-making, reconciliation, and peace-building
But once our hearts have been broken a few times
we come to understand that this painful tenderizing of our hearts is the very thing that gives us strength, compassion, hope, and intention
We are emptied so that we can be filled with compassion
We are humbled so that we discover our complicity in another’s pain
We are grief-stricken so that when we “mount up with wings like eagles” it is in the strength that only comes after many, many tears
We bleed so that one day we will see these scars as the tattoos that mark our faith journeys
Perhaps then, we can walk in the path of peace
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