I am so happy

I am happy
I am not too much for you 
Too juicy, too wind-swept, too tumbling down the hill wild,
too much drama queen
too many run on images and phrases
I am attempting
on my way to freedom
in believing I can
trust the world
and even you
More and more often
I quit watching 
out of the corner of my eye
making sure you are happy
and safe
and sufficiently well-informed
you have
and you know it
broken my heart
time and again
is it any wonder 
I keep  watch?
I am so happy
to feel embraced and bathed in humming love
when unselfconsciousness
washes away the vigilance
and I dissolve
into the dance
I am so much me
I am like a hawk set free
So hear me:
I have always been
ready on a whim
My light 
living from somewhere
beyond fear
and food
and paying the electric bill
and I kid you not,
I am barely holding the angels at bay!
I am so happy
the sun breaks out of
the cumulous
and we walk into the
like children
hand in hand in hand
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