You are love

tangled ropeWise words
like someone blowing in my ear
My eyebrows raise and look left, then right 
I startle from a fog-brained maze of dead ends and car chases
a snarl of regrets and 
a milky way of unpleasant future-trips
which have left my heart 
almost in tears
My head quiets
“you are love” 
I hear
I begin arguing
“but what about all of those “I’m sorrys”?
“oh God, if you only knew what I know.”
“what about the blows I have yet to heave
in someone’s unsuspecting life?”
I lean in, listening for the world beyond the world
My ears are starving for truth through the ringing
“you are love”
no capital letters
no explanation marks
“man, that’s hard to believe”
I say in all honesty
But something inside leaps
like Mary & Elizabeth’s pregnant meeting
Something that wants the deconstructionist cynic to silence
Something that longs for a good truth again
the kind that opens up the world,
that ventures into the possible hilarity and WOW! of
a good-humored world
I am smiling
walking away from the crash of fear
and never-will-be’s
and the tangle of anxiety
“Tell me again,”
I say, “but just a tiny bit louder
I don’t want to miss anything.”
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2 Responses to You are love

  1. jaytrock says:

    Nice. Does it help if another human one says, yes, you ARE love?

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