Fierce love

 dustI heard you
underneath the sycamore tree
out behind the old shed where I stored 
in cans with lids
hoping the ants wouldn’t get in
I had a broom
and swept out the dirt
which only swirled more of it
into the diesel-tainted air
flecks of dust -light against 
the broken window pane
where the sunshine splashed in
fingering raw wood
that gave me splinters
I heard you there
as I sang
and dipped an orange finger
into Tang dust
and sometimes
I twirled around
singing, dizzy, completely loved
just as you are
right now
you are loved
with fierceness
it is as true
as all of the clandestine particles
we find each year
tinier and more intimate
and at the same time
the universe sprawling wider and wider
like a woman
giving birth
spinning out
into the riddle
so much mystery
it’s hard to believe 
let alone trust it
yet still
in moments like this
I remember
how I have loved and still do
how whole and joyous
and melancholy I feel
all at once
and something inside of me rises
out of the dust
and starts
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2 Responses to Fierce love

  1. kirstywirsty says:

    Beautiful and powerful poem

  2. Chelsea says:

    This is SO wonderful. The imagery! … I can taste the Tang 🙂

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