If I had words

wordsIf I had words I’d speak them right now
they’d voice what my heart is holding
about how some days it feels
like I am leaking 
in love and longing and wonder
If I had words I’d sing them right now
in a line of melodic intention
just like the sparrows
do every spring
swooping at dawn by the creek
If I had words I’d dance them right now
in a Cumbian 8-step spin
they’d swing into the air
and land perfectly there
on me with my chest still heaving
But I have no words that mean anything
though they are pressing against my ribcage
Is it grief,
is it joy,
or is it simple loneliness?
If I knew, I’d speak it into being
All I know is I woke with this ache in my belly
And it still sits with me tonight
And somewhere out there
under a February moon
someone ponders the same soreness inside
So I want to say, “love, I know how you feel
And I wish I could tender some comfort
But I am unsure
though it may not seem so
let’s just sit quietly together.”
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One Response to If I had words

  1. Oh so beautiful…you certainly do have words, and you use them well!! 🙂

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