crack the door open and let the light slide in
just a tiny bit is fine
no need to fling it open all at once
light takes some getting used to
it’ll hurt your eyes
and your nose could get burned 
you’ve been in the dark a long time
be patient
when you are hypothermic
no one tosses you into a steaming jacuzzi
your heart would stop
your limbs would die
and that would be that
just when you thought you were rescued
it’s the way of change
all that beauty 
will still be there
smiling at you
even when your linger
if you fall headlong into love
you can be assured of heartache
not that the world isn’t full of it anyway
but this could be the kind
that leaves you aching and doubting
for years
and god knows you don’t need that
So pull up a comfy chair
and stir some honey in your tea
put on your sunglasses
and wrap a soft blanket around your shoulders
open the door 
just a sliver at at a time
it’s ok if this takes a while
before you know it, the door will be open
your eyes won’t be squinting
from all that glorious light
you’ll be basking in it like a lake
For now
it’s just right
to go ahead
and leave the door ajar
door ajar
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