These are the ones

It is dusk
the punctuated ratchet of cicadas
through a Louisville sunset
which is orange and turquoise
with a pale flat cracker of clouds
an unassuming crescent moon perches
against summer blue
I think it’s a self portrait
And now
beneath the rough-trunked maples and oaks
tiny bits of magic
just about 2 seconds
and then cease
… one lights on my hand
and with a flare
dramatically flies off
This morning it was a 5-year-old
the tiniest cocker spaniel I’ve ever seen
and 9 different
countries of garlic
the farmer brought to market
and the coffee,
we cannot forget the coffee

art in art

art in art

Yesterday it was
a sweet conversation milky with understanding
a refugee’s confused heart aching for
the home he cannot return to
nor find inside of him – not quite yet
These moments. These are the ones.
They sit at the end of melancholy
like commas
like prayers waiting on an Amen
like an embrace that isn’t quite close enough
but still feels so accepting and hopeful
All these moments remind me
that love is all that matters
and that it is not enough
but still
it is the best thing we have
These moments are my most adored teachers
they remind me
to keep company with the unsatisfied
who live in the “both – and”
falling into grace
and beauty
knowing it incomplete
yet hoeing the clay soil and planting
their cucumbers
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One Response to These are the ones

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the way you captured a summer night in Louisville.

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