I needed this post today to remember who I choose to be in the world.

Prose, Poetry and Ponderings

Over the past year, I have been trying to believe that my life can grow bigger, more beautiful, more spacious and generous, more joyful, more closely aligned with my values and dreams.

I know. Some of you are saying, “that’s great! you go girl!” Others of you are thinking it sounds kinda narcissistic. Admit it. After all, isn’t that something one does in their 20’s? And here I am 50! You may be saying to yourself, “Get over it, girl. What is … is. Be happy you have a lovely family and faithful friends, a gorgeous home, plenty of food, a meaningful job, creative juices flowing, and an espresso machine, for god’s sake. What more do you need to be happy?”

That’s just it. This isn’t about happy. I am happy. But underneath, unseen to most, is this trembling girl who isn’t convinced she deserves or is capable of…

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