Make me a fool

make me be a clown
a beggar
a fool
a drunk who swings at the air
i will applaud the laughing
the mockery
the scorn
if it will reveal
the real face of Jesus
who had a thing for
and drama
and harlots
and sinners of questionable origins
exchanged questions
for questions
like somebody’s Grandpa
i’m not sure you’d invite him
him for dinner
so much
of Jesus
is lost to believers 
you can’t drink your coffee
or breast feed your baby
or eat a real meal
while you pray
what blessing
is a morsel
and a tiny dip of wine
you’re so stingy 
when you come to the table
some of us have come
to be fed
what if i
jump up
the Lord’s Prayer 
and sing
a new song i wrote?
or recite a poem
like Horton Hears a Who 
and ask the preacher a question
maybe I’ll
just cry
and ask
if any of you have been
would you want me there
or even try to want me there
i’m frankly
not sure
i’d feel
So make me a fool
if that’s what it takes
let jesus be the scoundrel he is
none of us are here 
to just
skate on through
we’re here
to crack open the world 
homeless church
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2 Responses to Make me a fool

  1. jaytrock says:

    let Jesus be the scoundrel that he is! Yes. Have you read the Bebb novels by Frederick Buechner?

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