The most important thing

I held an angel in my arms tonight
He asked to sit on my lap
and looked up at me with 
“Did I get as far as your daughter?”
he asked
as he showed me
a game on my phone
he had been busily
“I’m not sure” 
I said
“but i’ve never seen the character
run through fire!”
He threw his 5-year-old arms around me 
as if he’d known me
for years
so much trust
such a happy face
he doesn’t even know the
that visited his family
casting them
into their
kentucky diaspora
This is
as it should be for now
this innocence
Let the angel keep his wings
It was the most important thing
I did today 
holding his tiny body on my lap
and enjoying the sweaty scent
of his head
while I watched the other children
For just a few minutes
maybe 10
he sat there
and my back began getting sore
but I did not say a word
it was nothing
compared to the joy
of holding
an angel
in my arms
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2 Responses to The most important thing

  1. Jenny says:

    Tender and true. Thanks for the beautiful poem.

  2. Shannon l. says:

    I love this so much! He is truly an angel…and so are you for capturing this moment to hold on to.

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