“I am a shadow
not quite invisible
not form or substance
poised to disappear
like mist”
tell me, dear, I say, why this is so …
“truth be told…”
she says,
“we keep committing
the same
violent acts
seeming to learn
and feel…
“Meanwhile I wail – 
holding vigil
I force my body
to march
looking out 
under a deaf and dumb cloak 
nearly imperceptible to 
Maybe this is what it feels like to be 
on the other side
of a missile”
HEAR ME! I’m screaming!
SEE ME! I matter!
TOUCH ME! I am real!
I will pull my heart from my chest!
And I will lay it bleeding it on your
war charts,
your “just war theories”!!!
I will photograph it 
and post it
it on Facebook and Twitter
and ridiculously large Times Square billboards!!
I will walk with it
dripping across the Syrian desert
and through
the terrified streets of Damascusbloody heart 2
Perhaps then
you will hear justice
in the tongues of children
other than your own.
Perhaps then
this madness
can end.
Perhaps then
I will be seen.”
For Carol
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One Response to Shadow

  1. jaytrock says:

    thank you. You also wrote this for me.

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