Birthing is about Christmas

birthing is about Christmas
it is scarlet blood and vanilla-sweet new born scent
it is befriending the messiness we cannot explain
and holding the myths and mysteries of belonging
like a sparrow in our hands
with gratitude and awe
birthing is about Christmas
it is doubt and chaos flinging itself into unexpected re-order
it is a revolution of mercy toppling down the misunderstandings of love
it is loss and fulfillment
and waiting, wondering, impatience
to have it done with
Black jesus
birthing is about Christmas
it is milk and broken water
dripping from the body
that only a child can fill
us – here – swimming in wells of our misery 
and heaven-bent on deliverance
birthing is about Christmas
so come to the family, to the everything feast
you who have nothing
come to the family
you who have substituted what really matters with what is
a tree pinning your body…
come to the family
where you are you 
rebel, needy, merciful, longing to be
and – like the dying that birth demands
let it all
for your neighbor
and the birthing
of your soul
you are
a dancer
opening to a brilliant, mysterious star
who is you
who is the child
who is Christmas
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