weeding and weeping

1:2 weeded gardenstep into the garden
cedar trees and alders sentinels
the greyed bench
tipping back now
needs to be righted
my ½-weeded garden
sweet woodruff and oregano
larkspur and foxglove
and horse tails
that grow
while I travel
and work
and attempt to make sense of the world
of myself and of youceltic lady
you who tend to your
gardens of love and belonging
every single day
i am weeping
and weeding
i feel it in the dirt
the every day smile of my women/children
grilling with family 
making music
but mostly the amendments
of laughter and nurture
the afternoon sigh
and yelling at the dog
who just slurped my coffee
we will never know
what might have been
what good will come of
we do what we do
because we have to
or need to
and such a gift it is and will be
we cannot know we
are shadows
until something 
heartbreaking shifts
or how empty and lost
and blessed
we were and still are
the rosemary may be overwhelming
the butterfly bush
-one would never think it-
the himalyan honeysuckle
still thrills
with trickling red flowers
the hummers are warring
for their sweetness
and i am just here
and weeping
in my gardenhimalayan honeysuckle
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2 Responses to weeding and weeping

  1. Janine says:

    I was anxious and couldn’t sleep. I found your words here – prose and poem – helped me find my own center and peace. Thank you. It was a surprise.

    Also –
    Loved the line about the rosemary may be overwhelming the butterfly bush – you would never think it! The garden is one of my favorite teachers and metaphor for life.

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