Unadorned moments

Tell me something that matters to you

… about your dog, and how he is particularly talented at balancing a sandwich on his head

… and your baby who sleeps with her bum in the air and how you almost didn’t live to meet her

… or about the piano delivered to your house last night that somehow made it a home

Tell me … about those who have mended your life – and how you’re just now learning to be free

Tell me something that matters to you. I tire of skimming the surface when there is so much living beauty underneath


I sat by the ocean last week, the sun softening the winter in my skin, while fingers of waves chased to the shore, and then were sucked out again

A Madrona tree, sinuous and silky, felt like a body in my hand … and I forgot about everything else

I was just a creature among creatures, disarmed and vulnerable

my hair blowing like branches, unadorned like the moment I was part of

madrona bark






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