I hate hurting people. I hate name calling. I hate labels. You know this is true about me. But sometimes a label needs to be used. Say it with me: Donald Trump is as a racist and a sexist! And in my outrage,I  am calling on my denomination, the Presbyterian Church, USA, to join me in saying this publicly. Discrimination based on race is racism. This is not decaf discrimination. It is not racism light. It is the real thing and it is extremely dangerous. And institutions need to name it now.

I say this to my church because, like me, your stifled inward moaning and outrage is just making you ugly, anti-Christian, irrelevant, and lacking in integrity. No more nice. Gradye Parsons, our highest elected official, has made some thoughtful public statements directed to Trump himself. And it is time for the whole community to call his rhetoric what it is. Not gently. But honestly. Racism and sexism and discrimination against other groups of people is unacceptable. Trump doesn’t care, but I still believe that good people in the U.S. do care. My conscience will not let me be silent anymore. Do you want a racist-in-chief?

Trump is a Presbyterian, he claims. Presbyterians believe that our political life is something in which we are called to have Christian integrity. And as a Presbyterian, a humanitarian, an activist, a woman, and an irate sister, I say DONALD TRUMP IS A RACIST AND A SEXIST.

As my favorite New York Times columnists, Charles M. Blow, says: “we will not redefine racism” to avoid labeling Donald Trump. SAY IT! We refuse to elect a racist and a sexist There. Perhaps I can sleep tonight.



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