In a heartbeat

Warm mud squishes through my toes
I am walking through sand and shells, tide flats
and the narrow channel of the Swinomish river
which pours itself into Puget Sound
It is September 10, 70 degrees
a shelf of clouds dissolves into pristine blue
while the air exhales blackberry pie
I hear
the hilarity of mud ducks
A cadre of seals –
arguing with with the gulls who scatter
as the shadow of an eagle falls across
the shallow water
appear in bubbles
popping under my toes
while occasional conversation echoes down the beach
IMG_5712 (1)
I do not deserve this perfection
I have rarely lived well
on the earth
I have tiny courage and an insatiable desire
for love and loving; for knowledge and comfort
Fear drapes over my head like a scarf and
I have hurt loved ones mindlessly and intentionally
in ways for which I will never forgive myself
I do not deserve this
While I sit glowing…
right now
good people are smacked
with uncontrollable wind and surges of water,
their simple homes are blown apart
board by precious board
In a heartbeat everything can change – and does
None of us deserve
what we have
More than another
Not in the universal law of disproportional blessings and curses
Death rains
like it will here in a few short days
in sheets and mist and droplets
in between the incandescent colors of autumn
 IMG_5982 (1).jpg
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7 Responses to In a heartbeat

  1. Bob Brashear says:

    I like this Shannon — Always admire your courage and capacity to be in beauty– I’ll try to pay attention

  2. jaytrock says:

    None of us deserve the perfection and beauty of the earth. And all of us deserve it. You who have scraped yourself so raw especially deserve it

    • jaytrock says:

      What wanted to say is that you have been scraped so raw in the amazing ways you have thrown yourself into life, and you have let us see that, even made songs and poems about it. And so to you, who never (OK, hardly ever) think you are deserving, comes the inbreaking of beauty and perfection also.

  3. Deidre Lisenby says:

    Beautiful Shannon

  4. Laura says:

    Such a lovely description of our peaceful autumn, while so many others are in chaos.

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