I watch the moon set behind the rainforest, it is a 6am

commute into the city, OctoberMoon set October 2017

Humming and warm, I drive on concrete past cedars skimming a mile of water, with just the hum of the wheels and car noises

Nearly whole and bigger than the sun, it is

cool and expansive and startling

like swimming in the lake felt last August.

-It was a terrible week-

the kind that makes you shake your fists at the sky, go for a second cup of why,

and demand recompense and justice and a complete metamorphose of reality

Another man with a weapon unloads on the innocent

 and the country free falls into suspicion and denial and a startling lack of accountability

the troubadour disappeared into the great wide mystery,

a loved one’s cancer diagnosis.


Sister moon, you have visited me before in your rising

but never as you dip west toward “the east”

never as a new day is peeking in

reminding the world – and me – that the risings and settings of life shifts across the earth

sometimes witnessed, sometimes covered, and that we must offer ourselves to the world regardless.

Thank you, friend,

It’s been a while.


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