This I believe

No matter what we think, doubt, believe, or imagine in the wandering and varied seasons of life; there are deeper truths than our finite selves can fathom.

Once in a while we get a whiff of this. In a child’s baptism or at a beloved’s graveside; watching a sunset after a long day; feeling a sleeping baby’s breath against our collar bone; summiting a mountain peak and swooning at the view; the body memory of floating in a lake when cool water beneath and the burning sun mingle on our skinas we dip in the waves; the brilliance and persistence of love.

We know this in our bones. It isn’t only brain chemistry and some predestined body over which we have no control. There is something marvelous going on. There is chance and luck, sure, but as it has been said, “there is a deeper magic”. It is a yearning of the earth for health and joy, even as it is in us.

This I believe. We are meant to give back to the world, not just enjoy it. We make love; we do not only have sex. We build homes so that more than just we can find shelter. We feel satisfied when we use our intelligence and compassion to share our wealth.  When more of us are loved and empowered, it makes the world, our nation, our city, our neighborhoods work better together. We are made for this.

This I also believe. It does us little good to believe that life is all or nothing. Life is all and nothing; it is morsels and just enough and good enough. There are shades of light and truth and possibility we keep discovering far into the “sageing” years. We don’t need control of the unknown to quell our fear. We can sit with the wonder and let it be – and nothing is any different – except us.

In life and death, we belong to God, to each other, and to this earth. This is what I believe today.

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