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The voyage west

Six days ago I loaded a residual of earthly possessions (an espresso machine, musical instruments, hair products, and some clothes) into my CRV and began driving north, then west. Destination: Seattle. After four years in Louisville, KY, I cried crossing … Continue reading

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Welcome to the island of misfit toys

Life is juxtaposition. Anxiety and fear are interrupted by beauty. We may experience deep love and also painful disappointment and even hatred toward someone. While a child is being born, someone else is passing away. 2016 has been particularly intense … Continue reading

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I hate hurting people. I hate name calling. I hate labels. You know this is true about me. But sometimes a label needs to be used. Say it with me: Donald Trump is as a racist and a sexist! And in my … Continue reading

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Wild Geese

Saturday morning I was reading on my front porch, coffee in hand as usual, enjoying the gorgeous morning when 3 geese flew down Pope street honking loudly. They circled around as if they had seen me, and then flew in … Continue reading

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Whole body learning

There are many ways to “know” the world. When I was a child, my knowing was mostly framed through the boundaries my parents provided, the haunting silence of the hills of the Palouse, the warmth of the friends I held … Continue reading

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today I am fighting off the loneliness which punches like the wind cutting across The Ohio   my daughters are baking snickerdoodles while I am  following some portal that is mine alone to crawl through repenting   today joy and … Continue reading

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Leave your heart ajar

Everything changes. Our relationships, our jobs, our beliefs, our experiences, our bodies, our opinions, our hopes, our tastes, our waist sizes, you name it. Everything changes. But there are strands weaving through our lives from early childhood that connect us … Continue reading

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