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Aging and snus

It astounds me sometimes that I come from snus-chewing, John Deere loving, gun-toting rednecks. Not that I don’t exhibit a bit that charm still, lucky you. We all grew up with strange and inappropriate colloquialisms that we do not realize … Continue reading

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I should be packing

I should be packing but the dinner dishes are crowding the sink, barely rinsed and I am here tucked under an afghan reading Walt Whitman to my soul’s content   You see every sweater and trinket and plate has a … Continue reading

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Fierce love

 I heard you underneath the sycamore tree out behind the old shed where I stored  Tang in cans with lids hoping the ants wouldn’t get in   I had a broom and swept out the dirt which only swirled more of … Continue reading

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Curious listening: an act of respect

I have a particular curiosity about sounds. As a child I spent time in many seasons listening to the noises of the night, especially when I walked the fields around the old farm house. Before the crops were harvested, my … Continue reading

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Awhh … baby skunks!

It’s true. They were playing in the back yard just now. Two little skunklets wrestling around like kittens with large fanning tails. I wish it was light enough for me to get a picture, but it was mostly dark and … Continue reading

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