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Aging and snus

It astounds me sometimes that I come from snus-chewing, John Deere loving, gun-toting rednecks. Not that I don’t exhibit a bit that charm still, lucky you. We all grew up with strange and inappropriate colloquialisms that we do not realize … Continue reading

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Love for all the things it is or is not lives in the margins   in the inch between your hand and mine in the slit of breath that separates our cheeks   in the beggar’s creases of hands and … Continue reading

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What do you deserve?

“Cream rises to the top!” the well-dressed white woman exclaimed as she wolfed down her brisket. I put down my spoon of beans. “What do you mean by that?” I queried. “My mom taught me that and it’s true. If … Continue reading

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The bird cage

Our psyches and bodies carry the wounds from our pain. More than memory alone it is buried in our our bones and tissue. This embodiment forms a type of cage that we imagine restricts where and for how long we … Continue reading

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 just when i feel i cannot walk another mile i see   your face peeking out under the tent of my memory shining like a  summer fire with marshmallows and a warm blanket of kisses   there is a clearing … Continue reading

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Whole body learning

There are many ways to “know” the world. When I was a child, my knowing was mostly framed through the boundaries my parents provided, the haunting silence of the hills of the Palouse, the warmth of the friends I held … Continue reading

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i stepped into art this morning smack into a cherry blossom rain and I was brushed 30 or 40 times with globs of rose clouds   as if God has been waiting for me to wake up and join the … Continue reading

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