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In this week before Christmas I feel as if the world is sinking. Sinking to a worse self: falling out of line with the rhythms of hope that we need to survive and thrive. The earth itself seems forced to … Continue reading

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I hate hurting people. I hate name calling. I hate labels. You know this is true about me. But sometimes a label needs to be used. Say it with me: Donald Trump is as a racist and a sexist! And in my … Continue reading

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Barriers to peace: a Conversation with UN Ambassador Chowdhury

Well THAT was a great way to start a Monday! This is what my FB post was this morning after an inspiring conference call this morning with UN Ambassador Chowdhury, the primary mover behind the United Nation’s effort to create … Continue reading

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On the death penalty and Troy

Yesterday Troy Davis was denied clemency for shooting a police officer in Savannah, Georgia in 1989. He has already been saved 3 times by Supreme Court intervention, once 90 minutes before his scheduled execution. He maintains his innocence. The case … Continue reading

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Our most Vulnerable Moment: 9/11, the flag, and losing our innocence

I was living in a 1950’s brick house in Ballard, a quiet Seattle neighborhood that feeds into the inland waters of Puget Sound. On that day, the breeze smelled clammy and the persistent salmon-stealing sea lion, Herschel, was braying as … Continue reading

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Jesus and non-violence: some thoughts for progressive faith people

A little disclaimer here. What began as a remembrance of Rachel Corrie, the young woman who was killed by a bulldozer as she was defending a Palestinian home from demolition became a musing about “the progressive/liberal church.” Yesterday was the … Continue reading

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Do The Geneva Conventions apply to Parenting Teens?

Of course I am joking. Unless you live with a teenage girl. Here in the Beck household, we have instituted a rule that may just send us to Gitmo. No Facebook on school nights. Sixteen-year-old: “Like, you have GOT to … Continue reading

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