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The voyage west

Six days ago I loaded a residual of earthly possessions (an espresso machine, musical instruments, hair products, and some clothes) into my CRV and began driving north, then west. Destination: Seattle. After four years in Louisville, KY, I cried crossing … Continue reading

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The house with many rooms

“Grief is like living in a house with many rooms, each with a different name: sadness, anger, fear, celebration, remembering, joy, gratitude.  A friend suggested that the key to abiding in this house is to leave the door to each … Continue reading

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beyond purfection

beyond perfection is where you will find me i slipped around it through a vision which revealed the other side could be found by refusing to make myself any crazier than being me what a relief!  

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weeding and weeping

step into the garden   silence   cedar trees and alders sentinels the greyed bench tipping back now needs to be righted   my ½-weeded garden sweet woodruff and oregano larkspur and foxglove and horse tails that grow   while … Continue reading

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Kentucky Sunday

a wild bouquet of 3-year-olds fling themselves into water jets and sit down before dissolving into a crowd of guardians and water play   oh the racket! of 5-year-old boys who are deliriously happy being doused by buckets of water … Continue reading

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Let me cry

I can’t get the stench out of my hair and my clothes the rubberish burn composting bananas and soup bones and lettuce and feces   the man tearing off labels of  plastic bottles to sell     the wet naked … Continue reading

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An Easter question

What it will take to roll the stone away from the grave where I have laid my soul?

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