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weeding and weeping

step into the garden   silence   cedar trees and alders sentinels the greyed bench tipping back now needs to be righted   my ½-weeded garden sweet woodruff and oregano larkspur and foxglove and horse tails that grow   while … Continue reading

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don’t love me simply because I love you   you don’t owe me your patience your loyalty your breath on my neck   do not love me I pray please do not   unless wondering drags along your hairline sometimes … Continue reading

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Globalization, Eucharist, and Lunchmeat

When I was in seminary I was part of a house church movement where people of all ages came together for worship and a community meal, shared our resources, and opened up our doors to those who needed it. Those … Continue reading

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You don’t pray

Today it appeared like an icicle sword piercing into the snow   you don’t pray   for peace or your mama  nor your children or grandchildren nor anyone else you love   you don’t say “thanks” for your breath or … Continue reading

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Somewhere deeper we walk through tunnels of wonder inverting the skies   slogging thru cosmic mud then tiptoeing to peer over the edge  into wow!   where is the moon and the southern cross?   where is the whew and the … Continue reading

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Let your heart be Known

For a long time I haven’t felt like yoga is for me, though I would surely like it to be. It may fit me in so many ways:  slow movement, reflective meditations, heck even the stretching alone can be great! … Continue reading

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That Moby Wrap of love kinda feeling

I met my new nephew a few weekends ago. Dang he’s cute (this is his newborn photo). He is my brother’s first child and their little family is in the throws of figuring each other out. At 6 weeks, Morgan … Continue reading

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