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Wild Geese

Saturday morning I was reading on my front porch, coffee in hand as usual, enjoying the gorgeous morning when 3 geese flew down Pope street honking loudly. They circled around as if they had seen me, and then flew in … Continue reading

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Holding My Breath

 ridiculous dog “stay down!”  i say upon our first greeting coffee in hand   there is an effortless morning rain  dissipating into scattered white and pale blue while supervising crows issue orders   surely the animals are in charge   … Continue reading

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Whole body learning

There are many ways to “know” the world. When I was a child, my knowing was mostly framed through the boundaries my parents provided, the haunting silence of the hills of the Palouse, the warmth of the friends I held … Continue reading

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Leave your heart ajar

Everything changes. Our relationships, our jobs, our beliefs, our experiences, our bodies, our opinions, our hopes, our tastes, our waist sizes, you name it. Everything changes. But there are strands weaving through our lives from early childhood that connect us … Continue reading

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The world Before impossible

The word calling is a bit of an enigma to me. I think this is mostly because I have longed for years for a clearer sense of what my heart-work in the world is to be about. Someone once said that … Continue reading

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