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Ham and hallelujahs

My mom knew how to make holidays special. Though she tired of being the holiday magician, it was a way to hold her family together and pass on the traditions she had internalized. These traditions, even the ones that didn’t … Continue reading

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I live my life like this

I live my life skin on skin bow on strings hand to your heart dancing  in my own living room   I live my life like this   I live my life ripping off the bandages that hide the wounds  … Continue reading

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Intimacy, Part 2: Dating your friends

This is part 2 of a series in which I am reflecting on intimacy. In my first post I shared about an intimate experience I had with 150 people. Not exactly the usual definition of intimacy. Another way I have … Continue reading

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I took a break from working today to grab a cup of coffee at my favorite local nonprofit. It’s a great place. They employ kids who want to get off the streets and need to create a job history. I … Continue reading

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