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Since Saturday

blurt it out the fear you have been holding like a sword across your chest which has been shimmering and shaking in your hands since last saturday “I fear I will be broken” you text but the truth has already … Continue reading

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Birthing is about Christmas

birthing is about Christmas   it is scarlet blood and vanilla-sweet new born scent it is befriending the messiness we cannot explain and holding the myths and mysteries of belonging like a sparrow in our hands with gratitude and awe … Continue reading

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i stepped into art this morning smack into a cherry blossom rain and I was brushed 30 or 40 times with globs of rose clouds   as if God has been waiting for me to wake up and join the … Continue reading

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If I had words

If I had words I’d speak them right now they’d voice what my heart is holding about how some days it feels like I am leaking  in love and longing and wonder   If I had words I’d sing them … Continue reading

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Fierce love

 I heard you underneath the sycamore tree out behind the old shed where I stored  Tang in cans with lids hoping the ants wouldn’t get in   I had a broom and swept out the dirt which only swirled more of … Continue reading

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Celebrating African American History month 2: Ben Vereen

I had a flash back to the most important information on race that I received as a young person. It was through the mini-series, Roots. Alex Haley’s novel-turned-tv series, chronicling his own family history was such an amazing, awful, beautiful series, that … Continue reading

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We Have Come to be Danced!

WE HAVE COME TO BE DANCED ~ by Jewel Mathieson  We have come to be danced Not the pretty dance Not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance But the claw our way back into the belly Of the … Continue reading

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