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Unadorned moments

Tell me something that matters to you … about your dog, and how he is particularly talented at balancing a sandwich on his head … and your baby who sleeps with her bum in the air and how you almost … Continue reading

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Holding My Breath

 ridiculous dog “stay down!”  i say upon our first greeting coffee in hand   there is an effortless morning rain  dissipating into scattered white and pale blue while supervising crows issue orders   surely the animals are in charge   … Continue reading

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I’m just fixing me

I’m in Seattle after being away a month. I am carrying on a bit of a transient lifestyle these days. Louisville about 40% of the time; Seattle about 5-7 days per month; and various other places around the US filling … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the blood

When I arrived at Mary Kay and Jon’s house after the burial, she put me to work. “Here,” she said with her characteristic southern accent, “do you think you could clean up the blood all over the walls?“ I took a … Continue reading

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Top 2011 blog posts

In case you missed them, here are several favorite blog posts of the year cutely categorized for your reading pleasure. Find one you haven’t read yet and give it a go. Comments always welcomed! Most commented on and most shared … Continue reading

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No Never Mind

The dog is sniffing out bunnies again, criss-crossing in circles, his muzzle all wet While a hummingbird shoots past his head like a bullet Which he pays no never mind to Across the grass there’s a stalking crow trotting across … Continue reading

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13 Dogs and a Lawn Chair

My dog is terrified of inanimate objects. We noticed it shortly after we brought him home at 3 months old. On every walk, he shyed away from road signs and sandwich boards. He eyed them like they were aliens peering … Continue reading

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