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This I believe

No matter what we think, doubt, believe, or imagine in the wandering and varied seasons of life; there are deeper truths than our finite selves can fathom. Once in a while we get a whiff of this. In a child’s … Continue reading

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Globalization, Eucharist, and Lunchmeat

When I was in seminary I was part of a house church movement where people of all ages came together for worship and a community meal, shared our resources, and opened up our doors to those who needed it. Those … Continue reading

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If we kiss

sit here beside me no … closer press your shoulder into mine and your leg I want to know you are here   don’t speak… just be here in this moment   I can hear your breath and feel your … Continue reading

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I didn’t mean to cry I was just swimming along through Georgia and Jesus and 3000 hummingbirds The blood on the mountains of summer the broken blue sky dripped down my arm with the sweat While we talked such madness such … Continue reading

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Anti-violence march

This is what I did yesterday. What did you do? I am holding the sign behind two of my kids. This is just a beginning

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I remember who I am

I remember who I am when I celebrate someone else’s holy days Rosh Hashanah. Eid. The Ploughing Festival. You name it They aren’t mine to have and to hold to bake cakes for and invite family and friends with which … Continue reading

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Is Simplicity overrated?

Richard Foster says: The wonderful thing about simplicity is its ability to give us contentment. Do you understand what a freedom this is? To live in contentment means we can opt out of the status race and the maddening pace that … Continue reading

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