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Since Saturday

blurt it out the fear you have been holding like a sword across your chest which has been shimmering and shaking in your hands since last saturday “I fear I will be broken” you text but the truth has already … Continue reading

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Holding My Breath

 ridiculous dog “stay down!”  i say upon our first greeting coffee in hand   there is an effortless morning rain  dissipating into scattered white and pale blue while supervising crows issue orders   surely the animals are in charge   … Continue reading

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Some days a spiritual life resembles a sunrise hike through old growth forest. We stumble through the trees on intermittently illumined paths, stubbing our toes on roots, threatened by unruly underbrush, and evading fear of what creatures are nested in the … Continue reading

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An Easter question

What it will take to roll the stone away from the grave where I have laid my soul?

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No Regrets

We are 85   you and me resting in chairs warmth  fills up the spaces between us   “what do you wish you’d done more in this life?”   there is a rest a centering a wondering   only simple … Continue reading

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Fear falling

It’s autumn and the kaleidoscope blurrs and shifts in gold, orange, crimson   falling leaves in brazen death looking like joy shivering toward the forest floor   it was the cold snap that cut their last  breaths  revealing such naked … Continue reading

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The bird cage

Our psyches and bodies carry the wounds from our pain. More than memory alone it is buried in our our bones and tissue. This embodiment forms a type of cage that we imagine restricts where and for how long we … Continue reading

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