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In this week before Christmas I feel as if the world is sinking. Sinking to a worse self: falling out of line with the rhythms of hope that we need to survive and thrive. The earth itself seems forced to … Continue reading

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don’t love me simply because I love you   you don’t owe me your patience your loyalty your breath on my neck   do not love me I pray please do not   unless wondering drags along your hairline sometimes … Continue reading

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No Regrets

We are 85   you and me resting in chairs warmth  fills up the spaces between us   “what do you wish you’d done more in this life?”   there is a rest a centering a wondering   only simple … Continue reading

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What I really need

If you needed 3 things to be happy, aside from adequate food and shelter, what else would you ask for? What would get you through the storms and deserts of life; the deaths and birthings; the loneliness and joy?  Sometimes … Continue reading

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I’m just fixing me

I’m in Seattle after being away a month. I am carrying on a bit of a transient lifestyle these days. Louisville about 40% of the time; Seattle about 5-7 days per month; and various other places around the US filling … Continue reading

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Intimacy, Part 2: Dating your friends

This is part 2 of a series in which I am reflecting on intimacy. In my first post I shared about an intimate experience I had with 150 people. Not exactly the usual definition of intimacy. Another way I have … Continue reading

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Of Friendships and Songwriter’s Block

Last year I joined an online community who, for the month of February, attempted to write and share 14 songs in 28 days. Hundreds of us. Wow, it was nuts. I was so stimulated and happy! And because I had … Continue reading

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