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morning birds thunder warm covers i open my window for a moment the healing of the world is possible Advertisements

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I live my life like this

I live my life skin on skin bow on strings hand to your heart dancing  in my own living room   I live my life like this   I live my life ripping off the bandages that hide the wounds  … Continue reading

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The Story Teller

I am so taken with this artist and this song, I had to share it with you. Massi is an Algerian singer/songwriter who left for France because of death threats against her trying to pursue her art as a musician. The … Continue reading

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The bird cage

Our psyches and bodies carry the wounds from our pain. More than memory alone it is buried in our our bones and tissue. This embodiment forms a type of cage that we imagine restricts where and for how long we … Continue reading

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If we kiss

sit here beside me no … closer press your shoulder into mine and your leg I want to know you are here   don’t speak… just be here in this moment   I can hear your breath and feel your … Continue reading

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Somewhere deeper we walk through tunnels of wonder inverting the skies   slogging thru cosmic mud then tiptoeing to peer over the edge  into wow!   where is the moon and the southern cross?   where is the whew and the … Continue reading

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today I am fighting off the loneliness which punches like the wind cutting across The Ohio   my daughters are baking snickerdoodles while I am  following some portal that is mine alone to crawl through repenting   today joy and … Continue reading

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