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Delusions of goodness

The thing about marriage is that eventually, your beloved sees what a jerk you are. And they tell you about it. (Insert Snoopy disappointment noise.) Research indicates that we consider ourselves far more kind and benevolent than we are. I … Continue reading

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Holding My Breath

 ridiculous dog “stay down!”  i say upon our first greeting coffee in hand   there is an effortless morning rain  dissipating into scattered white and pale blue while supervising crows issue orders   surely the animals are in charge   … Continue reading

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beyond purfection

beyond perfection is where you will find me i slipped around it through a vision which revealed the other side could be found by refusing to make myself any crazier than being me what a relief!  

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weeding and weeping

step into the garden   silence   cedar trees and alders sentinels the greyed bench tipping back now needs to be righted   my ½-weeded garden sweet woodruff and oregano larkspur and foxglove and horse tails that grow   while … Continue reading

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I’m just fixing me

I’m in Seattle after being away a month. I am carrying on a bit of a transient lifestyle these days. Louisville about 40% of the time; Seattle about 5-7 days per month; and various other places around the US filling … Continue reading

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Perfectly Imperfect

If I tell you that love made the world and that you are made for love, and that you are perfectly imperfect right now will you believe me?   joy-full and generous alive in your body creative gorgeous tender wild … Continue reading

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I am a tender-hearted woman. I empathize easily; I am touched by pain, joy, the color of a cherry blossom or the clarity of a night’s sky, the feel of lambs ear and the sound of water falling on leaves, … Continue reading

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