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Unadorned moments

Tell me something that matters to you … about your dog, and how he is particularly talented at balancing a sandwich on his head … and your baby who sleeps with her bum in the air and how you almost … Continue reading

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I choose the dark

“Somewhere in the shadows we find faith that is bold enough to chase away our fears, that is bold enough to chase away our tears.” Joe Jencks During this “sun-less” season in the northern hemisphere, and in the season of … Continue reading

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Mint Julep

It is just enough to break open a midwest summer just add gossiping insects sultry walks embarrassingly disobedient hair and “The Ohio”   I sink into a cool night with a slight breeze of cricket-song ~~~   I swish white … Continue reading

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The most important thing

I held an angel in my arms tonight   He asked to sit on my lap and looked up at me with  mischievous brown eyes   “Did I get as far as your daughter?” he asked as he showed me … Continue reading

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Perfectly Imperfect

If I tell you that love made the world and that you are made for love, and that you are perfectly imperfect right now will you believe me?   joy-full and generous alive in your body creative gorgeous tender wild … Continue reading

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I should be packing

I should be packing but the dinner dishes are crowding the sink, barely rinsed and I am here tucked under an afghan reading Walt Whitman to my soul’s content   You see every sweater and trinket and plate has a … Continue reading

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Falling in love every day

“Somewhere each day we have to fall in love with someone, something, some moment, event, phrase. Somehow each day we must allow the softening of the heart. Otherwise our hearts will move inevitably toward hardness. We will move toward cynicism, … Continue reading

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