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weeding and weeping

step into the garden   silence   cedar trees and alders sentinels the greyed bench tipping back now needs to be righted   my ½-weeded garden sweet woodruff and oregano larkspur and foxglove and horse tails that grow   while … Continue reading

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If we kiss

sit here beside me no … closer press your shoulder into mine and your leg I want to know you are here   don’t speak… just be here in this moment   I can hear your breath and feel your … Continue reading

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One Thousand kisses

  quit talking dear lover dear companion dear friend there’s wine on the table and bread in the pantry and my heart is far beyond rumbling please don’t go turning wine into water or loaves into slices or love into … Continue reading

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I took a break from working today to grab a cup of coffee at my favorite local nonprofit. It’s a great place. They employ kids who want to get off the streets and need to create a job history. I … Continue reading

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I am a hypocrite

So, full disclosure here. It’s taken me a long time to say it here, but I have decided it is time. I am a hypocrite. It is probably no surprise to many of you. But to some, it will raise … Continue reading

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On performing with Bono, happiness, and improbability

In about 3 weeks I will be facilitating a workshop about songwriting for peace and justice. I canNOT tell you how happy this makes me! Even pondering it just lights me up. Seriously, It is 85 degrees and I am … Continue reading

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The Un-blame Game

Let’s say we all make a pinky promise; a pact of sorts like in the old days. A “Cross my heart, hope to die” sort of thing. Let’s promise ourselves we will no longer blame other people for our feelings … Continue reading

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