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the Cimmerion season

there is no easy way through no super moon  or wayside diner with brats and hot coffee   the storm is too fickle for that   there’s just me in my raincoat and duck boots trying not to slip into 1/2 … Continue reading

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These are the ones

It is dusk the punctuated ratchet of cicadas swims through a Louisville sunset which is orange and turquoise with a pale flat cracker of clouds   an unassuming crescent moon perches against summer blue I think it’s a self portrait … Continue reading

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If I had words

If I had words I’d speak them right now they’d voice what my heart is holding about how some days it feels like I am leaking  in love and longing and wonder   If I had words I’d sing them … Continue reading

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I’m yours

 “I’m yours.” I’ve said this to God. which sounds so disloyal to the sisters giving myself over like that inviting something outside to be in charge   but if I believed that everything good, everything possible everything mine came from … Continue reading

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