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The singing night

the air is singing the stories of summer oh – hear it!   only interrupt the path of our arresting conversation and attend even a moment to   the smell of the night the familiar way the lobster sticks to … Continue reading

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I live my life like this

I live my life skin on skin bow on strings hand to your heart dancing  in my own living room   I live my life like this   I live my life ripping off the bandages that hide the wounds  … Continue reading

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The Story Teller

I am so taken with this artist and this song, I had to share it with you. Massi is an Algerian singer/songwriter who left for France because of death threats against her trying to pursue her art as a musician. The … Continue reading

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Whole body learning

There are many ways to “know” the world. When I was a child, my knowing was mostly framed through the boundaries my parents provided, the haunting silence of the hills of the Palouse, the warmth of the friends I held … Continue reading

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We who believe in Freedom cannot rest

Last night I rehearsed this song, tonight I sang it as a prayer and then heard that Trayvon Martin’s killer has been ruled not-guilty. “Until the killing of black men (black mother’s child) is as important as the killing of … Continue reading

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How many Birds

how many birds can sing each morning outside my window? such an alarm pulls me from my sleep smiling

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sweetly you glide across the neck your fingers pressing brass and wood like bones on throat sliding with confidence and ease on tiny shimmering steel   You draw me into a world beyond the body Truly   me, the one … Continue reading

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