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Make me a fool

make me be a clown a beggar a fool a drunk who swings at the air   i will applaud the laughing the mockery the scorn if it will reveal the real face of Jesus   who had a thing for wine … Continue reading

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the night before

my eyes are red from crying with you for you I am you   sitting on my white couch burritoed in a grey-cloud blanket with hot tea although it is 80 degrees   we are shivering   because we know … Continue reading

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Somewhere deeper we walk through tunnels of wonder inverting the skies   slogging thru cosmic mud then tiptoeing to peer over the edge  into wow!   where is the moon and the southern cross?   where is the whew and the … Continue reading

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lay down by the river or St. James fountain   shade yourself under the umbrella of  friendship   which is the trees   who only want to breathe on you and whisper sweetness onto your hot skin   rest the … Continue reading

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Like a princess

I wish I could say something profound after my two weeks in South Africa and Madagascar. Maybe it was the density of our time there – or the mixture of poverty and joy that I am once again finding to … Continue reading

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today I am fighting off the loneliness which punches like the wind cutting across The Ohio   my daughters are baking snickerdoodles while I am  following some portal that is mine alone to crawl through repenting   today joy and … Continue reading

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Fierce love

 I heard you underneath the sycamore tree out behind the old shed where I stored  Tang in cans with lids hoping the ants wouldn’t get in   I had a broom and swept out the dirt which only swirled more of … Continue reading

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