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Don’t raise your arms .. your skirt is too short DDT is the best insecticide If you pray hard enough, your prayers will be answered I like the way you look in black … it slims you Booze is the … Continue reading

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River toes

When I am ready to give up on love and god and you, dear human I go to the mountains. Stepping out of my chatter in my head and onto the earth where my body leads me to grace sometimes … Continue reading

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To be wise

To be wise one has to see and listen and cradle the bitter season like the colicky child it is rocking rocking rocking

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Since Saturday

blurt it out the fear you have been holding like a sword across your chest which has been shimmering and shaking in your hands since last saturday “I fear I will be broken” you text but the truth has already … Continue reading

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Holding My Breath

 ridiculous dog “stay down!”  i say upon our first greeting coffee in hand   there is an effortless morning rain  dissipating into scattered white and pale blue while supervising crows issue orders   surely the animals are in charge   … Continue reading

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Kentucky Sunday

a wild bouquet of 3-year-olds fling themselves into water jets and sit down before dissolving into a crowd of guardians and water play   oh the racket! of 5-year-old boys who are deliriously happy being doused by buckets of water … Continue reading

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Mint Julep

It is just enough to break open a midwest summer just add gossiping insects sultry walks embarrassingly disobedient hair and “The Ohio”   I sink into a cool night with a slight breeze of cricket-song ~~~   I swish white … Continue reading

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